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The Kyrenia Ship


The Kyrenia Ship was discovered in November 1965 and has since become a symbol of peace and reconciliation, rightfully winning a place in world shipping history. The original vessel was first spotted on the seabed 33 meters below the surface by Cypriot pioneer scuba diver Andreas Cariolou. According to archaeologists, she was one of the merchant ships ploughing the Mediterranean during the age of Alexander the Great and was built in the early 4th century B.C. Since its discovery, three replicas of the original vessel have been constructed, with the latest one playing a vital role in the Olympic Games in Athens – carrying copper to Greece for the bronze medals.

Glafcos Cariolou, son of Andreas Cariolou who died in 1977 trying to save a Canadian diver, has been closely involved since he was a teenager in the effort to uncover the mystery behind this unique wreckage. The mission to recover the wreckage consisted of scientists, technical experts and students of twelve nationalities. It took seven years, from 1967 to 1974, to raise, preserve and restore the wreck. Cariolou’s love for the sea and the ship his father discovered continues to this day. Mr. Cariolou, Mayor of the Municipality of Kyrenia, travels the world telling the story of the ship of Kyrenia to children of all ages, most recently in Washington, D.C in November, 2012.

Adapted from The Municipality of Kyrenia

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